Thursday, January 1

So this is 2009

Happy New Year, everyone! What did you do for New Years Eve? I joined in Princess Kate's tradition of eating Indian food on New Years Eve. Husband and I met Princess Kate, Mr. Princess Kate and their baby boy at one of my favorite Indian restaurants in Austin. Their baby boy is so precious and perfect that it almost hurts for me to look at him, but I *have* to look at him. all. the. time. He's so baby-cute. In fact the hostess and waiter were quite taken with them. How could they not be?

We then played a game of Pandemic very quietly so as not to wake the precious sleeping baby. I sipped some coffee. That was mistake number one. Actually, I should say that was *the* mistake. I made no other mistakes that night. We came home around 11am. I read blogs whilst Husband played Fable II until midnight. We called Husband's family to wish them a Happy New Year!, then, as any sane person who is married and over the age of 25 would do, Husband went to bed. I wish I could have joined him. I was up until about 2am reading blogs with my mind buzzing. Sleep was elusive.

I did manage to read the entirety of Pioneer Woman's homeschool blog. She homeschools in exactly the same way I envision homeschooling. It was encouraging to know that I'm not crazy; or at least, if I am, that I have company. What I am now wondering is if we would be allowed to homeschool foster children. Husband is still a no-go on the fostering but I think if he learned more about it, he might come around. He has a lot of negative pre-concieved notions. I do accept the fact that he might never come around and I might never get to foster children.

I got quite a bit done yesterday. I now have 3 quarts of beef broth in the fridge and several sorted piles of laundry that I will wash today and tomorrow (and probably the next day as well). I started cleaning out my closet. I've included some before photos. One of my wardrobe challenges is knowing what I need. I am forever buying something that I think is a "good basic piece" and then wearing it very rarely. I've culled out a lot of items that don't fit me right or that I just don't wear. I'm going to continue this process today. Once I have all the laundry clean, I'm going to re-evaluate my wardrobe. See what I have and try to decide what I don't need and what I need, if anything. Wish me luck.

The floor of my closet. Yes, this is mostly due to sloth and laziness.

And here's the top of my closet. No, I'm not a Cowboys fan; I just like that sweatshirt. It's really Husband's, but I wear it more. You should also notice my classy bare bulb with wire cage light fixture. It fits into the industrial theme of my closet.

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