Wednesday, January 7

Themes in my dreams

I didn't make it to Tai Chi. I got home too late after doing the grocery shopping to be able to change into my gi and get to the dojo. We did make dinner. I then went to bed at 8pm because I could not stay awake. And just in case any of you think that's a sign of pregnancy, you should know that I tested and got another "Not Pregnant". I hate those tests. I'm getting the ones with lines next time. I'd rather deduce that I'm not pregnant rather than being told by some snotty little know-it-all stick.

Anyway, I want to post about recurring themes that are in my dreams. I guess this is loosely related to me getting enough sleep, but mostly, this has nothing to do with my plates. However, this is my blog, I'll post about what I want and you can't stop me.

  1. Large cats (lions, tigers, cougars, panthers, not this, but maybe this)

This is probably the longest running recurrent dream theme that I've had. They started when I was around 6 years old. I'm almost always scared of the large cat. I think this stems from a fear that I've always had of large cats. The johnson grass in the fields around our house would grow so high and dense in the summer that it would be over my head and you could not see through it. I always suspected that there was a large cat (usually african lion) hiding in that grass, waiting to pounce. Keep in mind that the only differentiation between the field and the yard in which I played, was where my Dad decided to stop mowing. Fences were for cattle, not yards. And I *knew* that Africa was a continent separated from us by a huge body of water called an ocean. But I also knew that we had African lions in zoos. And what if one escaped? Wouldn't it want to live somewhere there are slow, fat cows, tall grass and yummy little girls*? I think so.

There was also a Saturday morning movie (I don't remember the name, but if any of you know what movie I'm talking about, please tell me because I'd love to watch it again as an adult) that was something about a flood, two kids and a panther. I don't think the panther was a threat to the kids in the movie, in fact I think it was supposed to be some sort of "friend" to them. As a child, this was hard for me to believe. I thought, if a panther is trapped on floating debris with two children, one of them will be lunch. I also watched a lot of nature programming and I understood the circle of life.

If there are any dream interpreters out there, please, fill me in on what the large cats represent in my dreams. I think they represent a source of fear. Mostly because I'm scared of them.

*I'm not sure how "yummy" I would've been. I was hygiene-resistant as a child. Couple that with Texas summer and running around outside with my dog all day and you get one stinky child. Unfortunately my sister and I shared a bed, and she would refuse to sleep with me unless I bathed. What a bitch.

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