Wednesday, January 28

Winter wonderland, sort of

When letting the dogs out this morning, I was very disappointed to see that the deck was just wet and not icy. We were predicted to have an ice storm over the night. This would mean working from home in my pajamas while drinking hot tea. Delightful! But, alas, the deck looked just wet. That is until the Bingo dog went sliding across half of it. After which she looked at me like "What just happened?".

So there was ice, but not enough to shut down the highways. I'm now in my office, in jeans and a sweater, drinking hot tea and working. Well, technically blogging at the moment.

The drive in made me love our new-to-us subaru even more than I already did. The seat warmers made me so toasty warm.


  1. Too funny about Bingo! We were just pounded with about 3 feet of snow. It's pretty here, but winter's getting a little old.

  2. Jenny,

    I can't imagine 3 feet of snow. I've only seen that kind of snow twice in my life. If we get over an inch we are amazed. We usually only have a few weeks of real winter in a row. Most of the time it's a few days of really cold, then mild temps. Although, we get sick of summer.