Saturday, January 10

And for Pete's sake, finish SOMETHING

There's something you all should know about me. I'm a starter. I have grandiose ideas and really believe that I can do things. And I can do things. I just can't finish things. For instance, I've started a quilt that is ready to be bound to a frame and quilted, but it's sitting in my mom's house, unfinished. I have a partially sewn skirt in my closet. I've started several afghans. One I completely gave up ever finishing and unraveled. I used the yarn to practice new crochet stitches that I will never use to actually make something. I have another that is about 70% done. This is the one that I will finish this year. That is my final resolution. To finish something.

Profuse encouragement would be appreciated.

Here is a picture of the partial project. I've lost the instructions for the afghan long ago. Now I have to unravel a little to reveal the pattern before I continue. I think it's getting pretty close to finished. I might only have to do the edge. Which I've never done on an afghan before, because I never get that far.

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