Tuesday, January 27

Two steps forward, one step back

Last night started off so well, like a shooting star, all bright and full of energy and potential. It also ended like a falling star, a fizzled out, cold rock. Husband and I went to our Co-Op and purchased food to cook meals for the rest of the week, two which we planned to cook that night. Husband likes to cook. He's gotten a hankering for cooking Spanish food. He was insistent that we go to B&N to get a Spanish cookbook that he'd read about so that he could cook some Spanish food that night. We went, we bought. We started home.

At this point, the plan is to have Husband drop me off at the house so I could get the kitchen ready for cooking (there were, and still are, some dirty dishes that need to be cleaned) while he went to the regular grocery to get the other ingredients he would need.

Then Husband told me to pick out recipes. So I did. Then Husband decides that we should go to the grocery before going home. This is where things started taking a turn for the worse. I'm not good with changed plans. Especially if I'm looking forward to the original plan. And most especially if I'm hungry and tired, which I was.

All this to say, by the time we finally got home, we were tired, very hungry and very cranky. All food went in the fridge and we ordered pizza rolls. :(

The lesson we both learned is that we need to plan our food shopping and preparation better. We need to make a menu plan. I've resisted this in the past. I couldn't possibly expect myself to know on Saturday what I would want to eat on Thursday. However, as we have gotten better a preparing food, there are certain dishes that we know we will like at anytime. So I think we are ready for this. I may start doing menu plan Fridays, much like CheeseSlave's menu plan Mondays, just without the cute alliteration. Wish me luck!

On the exercise front, I did 30 crunches this morning. Yeah for me! I'm going do another 30 this evening.

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