Sunday, January 18

Birthday, Christmas and keeping the crazies at bay

We went to my parents for a combination of Christmas and my mom's birthday. For Christmas, we (my siblings and I) are going to buy my mom three stainless steal 9x13 baking pans. I found two different types that I thought looked good. One was just plain stainless steal. The other was a tri-ply stainless steal with an aluminum core for even heating. I got one of each so that she could choose which she liked better. I also bought two brownie mixes, some coconut oil and some eggs so that we could test them out. They both worked great and mom wants the cheaper version of the two. I'll keep the one she doesn't want.

We had a very enjoyable visit. It was good to spend time with my siblings. I feel very fortunate to have siblings that live close by and that I get along with. I never would have thought of us as a close-knit family, but we really are. I think being raised in the kind of isolation that is experienced in rural Texas forced us to form bonds that would not have been formed if we'd had options to play with other kids in the neighborhood.

The crazies have tried to make an appearance all weekend, but I've fought them back. I did have anxiety dreams about work. I have something I need to get completed early tomorrow morning that is causing some stress for me. It's in an area that is not my strong suit. I should have just worked late on Friday to complete it so that I could have enjoyed my weekend stress free. I hate stress and anxiety.

This week, the big agenda is exercise. I'm not getting enough. Okay, fine! I'm not getting any. I'm going to plan this one day at a time. That way I won't feel overwhelmed. The plan for tomorrow is Kung Fu at 6:30pm. Send me lots of encouragement. I need it.

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