Friday, January 9

Eating for fertility and health

As you all already know, I'm prone to making New Year's resolutions at any time during the year. But I want to be a joiner over on Nourishing Gourmet's site. So, here are my nourishing resolutions for this year so far.

But first, I'd like to pat myself on the back for what I've accomplished so far in my journey to eating real food.
  1. No more diet coke (or diet croak, as Lil' Bruddr calls it). I've all but eliminated diet coke from my diet. I used to *have* to have one in the morning and one in the afternoon after lunch. Lately I get a craving for it about once a month and then I only drink about a fourth of the can before I throw it away. It just doesn't taste good anymore. In its place, I've developed a stark-raving-mad addiction to green tea. Green tea is supposed to be good for fertility, so I think this is a good thing.
  2. Farmer's Market and Coop shopping. I had to step into this whole new world of shopping almost on my own. Princess Kate was kind enough to orient me in the Coop. As a result, we are eating food that is grown or raised close by and naturally. Do we pay more? Well, yes; but we are getting more for our money.
  3. Severe reduction in processed foods. I'd noticed that my pantry has a lot of space in it lately. Then I realized it's because I no longer buy the foods that have an extended shelf life.
Okay, now for the resolutions.
  1. Raw milk. Find a source for raw milk and get some. Then pass this source on to my WAPF group members.
  2. More eggs. I need to incorporate more eggs, especially more raw egg yolks, into my daily diet. My moto is "Eat eggs to make eggs". Husband said that moto is fine for me, but I'd better not come up with a similar moto for him.
  3. Ferment something. I really want to make my own sauerkraut. I have the whey, finally. I just need to do it and stop being chicken.
  4. Kombucha and fermented drinks. Make my own kombucha and fermented drinks. I'm especially interested in the fermented stewed fruit drink that is in the Eat Fat, Lose Fat book. It's supposed to be like Dr. Pepper.
  5. Eat more shellfish. Actually that could be stated as "eat shellfish", because more implies that we are eating some now. That's not the case.
  6. Learn more. This will include studying the adrenal posts on Nourishing Gourmet's site as well as my own research.
That's probably enough for me this year. Best of luck to everyone!


  1. Hi, Spinner,

    What great goals!

    I used to drink Diet Coke like it was water. A few cans a day. Yuck! Thank Goodness I'm off that now.

    Now I drink kombucha or raw milk or kefir.

    Re: finding raw milk -- you are in Austin, right? Bryan who posts a lot on the Native Nutrition Yahoo group lives north of Austin. He posted a while back about a farm outside of Austin -- maybe 1-2 hours away.

    I bet you could get some of your local members to create a raw milk pool. Then one of you could drive every few weeks and pick up your milk.

    I go and pick my raw milk up in the valley (about 30 mins to an hour away, depending on traffic) once every few weeks and I freeze it. I'm going to work with some of my local WAPF members to coordinate a buying club so we can take turns driving to pick it up.

    Milk freezes great. So does the cream and butter. I freeze the cheese, too -- I just grate it first.

  2. Thanks! I'm now in touch with Sandcreek Farm and will hopefully join their next round of purchases for my area. Can't wait to try some raw milk!

  3. I struggled with infertility too ....for 13 years! When I finally conceived my little boy (naturally) I was eating milk kefir and seaweed and I have a hunch they really helped somehow. I'm a strong believer that diet is the key. Good luck with your journey ....

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Dan's Mom! Would you mind telling me how you ate the seaweed? I suspect that I am low on iodine and eating seaweed would definitely help that. If you have an online source for seaweed that would be great, too. Thanks again!

  5. At the time it was just a pack of dried seaweed that my mother was given by a Chinese neighbour and she had passed on to me. Since I've heard lots of good things about Seagreens -