Saturday, January 31

Menu plan mayhem

Don't you love alliteration? I do.

Here is a link to my menu plan. It's a work in progress. Yes, I'm using a spreadsheet. If I can't put it in a spreadsheet, I can't do it. Let's hope the inverse is also true: If I can put it in a spreadsheet, I can do it. (Yes, I'm that person who loved taking the requisite logic course. I'm pretty sure my professor loved the class too, as he was high for every one of them. Groovy.)

My goals are to not have to grocery shop nor do major food prep during the week. Grocery shopping on the way home saps our energy. So, Sunday is shaping up to be pretty busy; but the cooking is the only thing I'm going to expect myself to accomplish that day. I will have to set aside my naps and mindless watching of anime. Next week I'll be able to do more on Saturday so that my Sunday can be restful.

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