Tuesday, August 19

What is this stuff?

It's like I'm in the shower but I'm outside. I don't get it. And the sun is not blazing. There are these gray and white things in the sky blocking it. Could this be what they call "rain"?

It's wonderful! I have always enjoyed and marveled at the weather. For me, it's a daily reminder that there are things bigger than we are and that we are not in control. That is, until one of the evil masterminds really *does* create a weather machine and uses it to control the world. Seriously, though, I love the weather. It doesn't matter what the weather is either. I like the oven-like heat and the cold. The dry and the wet. All of it. I like sunrises and sunsets. I like to watch clouds. Every season is my favorite season.

Husband and I have decided to hold off on putting the house on the market. The market isn't looking so good right now and I'm not sure we are ready to move anyway. Husband also got a raise. That, along with my raise, means we will be able to save up a larger down payment on the next house. So we want to wait.

What this means short-term is that I am going to attempt a container garden. Again. I've noted the weaknesses that lead to failure in the past. We are going to try to rectify them. One being, the faucet for the back of the house needs to be replace and I need a good hose and watering device. The next being, we need to tidy up the back yard and put a rocking chair or swing out there for me. We are also going to attempt to plant some ground cover. I'll try to post some before pics so y'all can know what we are up against.

What am I going to plant in my container garden? I'm so glad you asked! I'm going to have two tomato plants in one container. I'll have a "greens" container that will be a wide shallow planter where I'll start with some collard greens and/or chard. I'll switch to some read leaf lettuces in the fall. I'll also have a basil container. I can't decide how much basil I need to plant in order to be able to make pesto on a whim. I'm thinking a fairly large container. I also hope I can make it a perennial here in Austin. Princess Kate? Any advice on this? In the future I hope to have a few root veggie planters for some potatoes and beets. We'll see how this goes.


  1. Just don't use blood meal! Remember the maggot fiasco when I tried to plant a container garden? It was appalling.

    I'm thinking two good-sized basil plants ought to do you fine for pesto. In this heat, it grows fast. Just give it a LOT of sun.

  2. yah yah, gardening and whatnot... :)
    where's your next blog?