Thursday, August 14

The foodie in me

I was working my way through Amalah's blog and got to the Feb. 3, 2005 entry where she posts about finding out she's pregnant. I can't read about that. That will get me to daydreaming about being pregnant and that leads to obsession and stress. All that to say that I've been searching for another blog to read.

And I found one. Cheese slave mostly blogs about healthy, yummy food. I've only read a few posts (okay, one) but they were enough to make me profess my love for Cheese slave. Apparently butter and animal fat are better for me than veg oil. He (she?) also mentions cold-pressed olive oil, which I also like, but BUTTER! and ANIMAL FAT!!! Yum. Meee. I'm so on board.

As if that weren't enough. Today the post is about how eggs and butter can help increase fertility. Awesome! I'm going to start having eggs fried up in some butter every day.

I will now compulsively read all back posts of Cheese slave.

in other news, we bought a Wii fit last night. Oh! the fun! I heart it.

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  1. LOL you are too funny!

    We are getting our Wii Fit in the mail next week. I cannot wait!