Friday, August 8

And the beat goes on...

(Disclaimer: I have no idea what song this lyric is from or what its context is in that song. I think it might be sung by Cher, but I'm not sure. However, if I'm using this lyric in an offensive or otherwise wrong way, you need to get over it.)

Sooooooooo! Nee How! Olympic opening ceremony is tonight! Exciting! ! !
(It is actually going on right now, because it is tonight over there)

Update time. I did finally receive an offer for that job. It was pathetically low. And it made me sad. Very very sad. Then I put on my negotiating hat. They raised the offer and explained benefits. I'm now willing to accept the raised offer, if they will EVER send it to me. I already hate their HR department. grrr.

I've not exercised, cooked or cleaned once this week. NOT! ONCE! So mad at myself. I think I might have to stop going to someone else's house every single evening. That might be preventing me from getting things done at my house.

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