Wednesday, August 13

Time to clean house

Exercising is not going so well. I've not exercised all week. again. But! There's a very real possibility that I'll soon be walking a minimum of a mile a day. This is due to the fact that my new office will be a mile from where my husband parks. So, he will drop me off in the morning and I'll walk over in the afternoon. That's built-in exercise. Perfect.

Now it's time to focus on getting the house organized and clean and keeping it that way. I've decided to track my plan and progress here. The plan is a little fuzzy. I can't decide if I want to handle things by room or by problem, because some problems, such as books, span several rooms. So here is the plan so far. It is just a start and will probably be revised over time.
  1. Organize books
    1. Pack ones that aren't going to be used or read any time soon
    2. Find a place for the cookbooks
    3. Find a place for reference books
    4. Goal is to have ONE bookshelf

  2. Get the laundry under control
    1. I've done this before, so I can do it again
    2. The secret is to get Husband in on it (maybe I need a chart)
    3. Decide where to store extra linens

  3. Kitchen
    1. I already feel overwhelmed
    2. Get my friend, CC, to come over and talk to me while I do this
    3. Pack all appliances that I haven't used in months (like the juicer) after cleaning the mystery grime off them (they are just sitting there, how do they get so dirty!)
    4. Eliminate the utility cart that seems to get so very dusty and covered in dog hair
    5. Open a bottle of wine and share it with CC
    6. Repeat three times to myself that I do NOT need to replace all the cabinets and counter tops
    7. Deal with the leftover container cabinet
    8. Stop crying
    9. Remove everything from all cabinets and clean
    10. Re-line cabinets with something better than what I have
    11. Replace cabinet items, throwing out what is not needed
    12. Forbid anyone to cook or eat in the kitchen because it is now perfect

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