Monday, August 11

Another week, another post

The weekend was nice. We had friends over on Saturday for a D&D marathon. I don't handle sitting still for long periods of time very well, so I was pretty tired of it at the end. Then the guys had to sit around my living room drinking scotch (as if drinking very expensive scotch could make them any less dorky) for an hour or two and discuss the dynamics of the game play. I read cookbooks.

Sunday my sister and her family came for a visit and dropped off their oldest son. He is sixteen. And by sixteen, I mean he is soooooooooo six. teen.

Her younger two remind me of tazmanian devils from Warner Bros. and I think the older one needs a break from them every once in a while. Now he can play computer games in peace.

I turned in my two weeks notice this morning. It was very stressful. My program manager apparently knew three weeks ago that I was getting a job offer. How he knew? I do not know. The guy is crazy intuitive. I felt like I've kept this on the down-low. Oh well. At least he wasn't surprised.

I'm not feeling as emotional as I thought I would. I still have to wait for official communications to go out before I can socialize the change. I think that's when the emotion will hit.

So this week is starting off with the good kind of scary excitement that only comes from impending change. I have found a lot of clarity with what I need to do to tie up loose ends here. Which means I will be much more focused at work now. Maybe, just maybe I'll get a jog or two in as well.

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