Tuesday, August 26

I've got your blog right heeya

Alright. So. Last week? Cuh *raze* ee. It was the last week at a job that I've been at for five long and fulfilling years. Did I complete everything I needed to before leaving? No. Did I come in late and leave early every. single. day. anyway? Yes. Do I feel a little guilty about that. Yes. But not much.

New job! Ironically, my first day at this job was also the first day of school for my nephews and niece. Also it was niece's first day of school ever. I do have to say, this job does have the "starting a new cool school" feel. (Yes, I was one of those kids who thought school was cool.) Let's go over the highlights of yesterday.
  1. Downtown, baby! For some reason walking around any downtown makes me feel like I'm on vacation; because that's really the only times I've ever done it. Therefore, this morning, walking through the streets surrounded by the noises, smells and sounds of downtown morning, reminded me of our trip to London. Good times.
  2. Stocked kitchen. As in, there are chilled juices, cokes, diet cokes, sweet leaf teas, cheese, organic fruit and various other snacks, all waiting for me to consume them in each of the three kitchens.
  3. (Pause while I sip my sweet leaf tea)
  4. Fitness center on the 11th floor. Paid for by my company if I so desire. Or they will pay for my gym membership elsewhere.
  5. Free downtown parking. I'm everyone's new best friend.
  6. I get Columbus day off! Columbus day! Along with other bank holidays. I went from supporting people who work 24-7 to people who, literally, have banking hours. Finance may not be as noble as healthcare, but at least I get Columbus day off.
  7. Seriously, a three-day weekend in the middle of October.
K. Now I'm done. I have to go do some work. Can't goof off when you're the new girl on the boy's block.

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  1. Sorry to hear your first day was so horrific. You can come back and work with us anytime.

    Gosh, I just re-read your post. You must be miserable!