Friday, February 6

No 'poo for me too

(that's assonance)

So I've read on a few sites of a method for removing shampoo from your life. The basic idea is that when left to its own natural resources, your hair will regulate the amount of oil naturally. In the meantime you use a combination of a baking soda rinse and a vinegar rinse to bridge the gap, so to speak. I was already going a week or more between hair washings so my scalp was already producing less oil. Today would've been a shampoo day, but instead I did a baking soda rinse and apple cider vinegar rinse. The results? Not bad. But not overly good either.

For one, I have trouble with the method itself. I'm not good at pour liquid on my head, apparently. I got a lot of baking soda water in one of my ears and all over the side of my face. I think I should use a squirt bottle for more precision. Secondly, I don't think I need the baking soda rinse at all. I think the combination of the hot water and the vinegar rinse will be enough to redistribute the oils in my hair so that I don't have any grease spots without stripping my hair. My hair does look nice and does NOT smell like vinegar.

I also made my own body cream this afternoon. Same concept as the face cream, only I used a lot of shea butter and a little grapeseed. I scrubbed it on and then shaved my legs. I did not need lotion when I got out of the shower. So far, so good. I might even try a little of it on my face for moisturizing.

So, I think I've reached a milestone. I don't think there is anything I could do at this point to be more crunchy granola. I never thought I would think it's a good idea to stop using shampoo.


  1. I was really worried that this was going to be a post about constipation.

    Loved your meal plan. Mr. Princess Kate and I do one every Saturday morning and usually we stick to it. Except on Thursdays. I don't know what happens to Thursdays ;)

    You are definitely on the right track about breaking the process down. I (we) try to do the shopping on one day, cook the NEXT day, and eat the results in the following days. I typically don't even want to look at some of the things I've spent hours cooking. I'm already sick of it. So I order pizza.

    But it's awesome to find it in the fridge the next day.

  2. LOL! If I were experiencing constipation, I would definitely post about it. But I'm not and haven't had any elimination problems of any sort since I've started drinking real milk.

    I have exactly the same experience with food burn out. Our menu planning will continue this Friday. I'm still learning how long food will last. We still haven't gotten to the cheesy beef rice casserole.

  3. Assonance \As"so*nance\, n.

    One who is both an asshole and a nuisance.

    As in: "Dude, you're an assonance."

  4. Ah, Voltz. How I've missed your humor. Please don't comment here again ;)

  5. My hubby is really considering going no poo too. Me? I dunno. I love being the natural crunchy girl, but I'm really vain about my least I admit it, though, right?

  6. Noelle,

    I would love to hear how no poo goes for a guy. However, I am assuming that he has regular short guy hair. If he has irregular long guy hair, then it's not that different. I guess what I mean to say is that I'd like to know how it works for someone of any gender who has very short hair.

    I know that I'm also quite vain, especially when it comes to my hair. But knowing is half the battle! And half is good enough for me.