Thursday, February 26

Hair and stuff

My hair is down today for the first time in three (four?) weeks. It's pretty much been in a ponytail, half-ponytail or bun for that time. Today, I have the sides pulled back but the rest is down. I checked with my coworker (who is very truthful) and he confirmed that my hair does not look dirty. That's a relief to hear considering I've not used shampoo for four weeks and have used nothing but hot water for 3 of those weeks. I did buy a boar's bristles brush to distribute the oils throughout my hair. It seems to work okay. I also have to rinse my hair much more frequently than I was washing it before, but I guess that makes sense.

I also would like to report that I've been jogging twice since Saturday. I plan on jogging this evening as well. Husband has also been regular with his exercise.

Last night was day 13 for me and I took the cardboard out of the window (this is for lunaception). Sunday it will go back. I have to say, I miss the dark.

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