Tuesday, February 24

Broken plate and Mardi Gras

It's the laundry plate. We have amazingly large piles of dirty laundry especially when you consider we are just two people. We are to the wearing-as-we-wash stage. That's a bad place to be. I'm making it my goal to get the laundry sorted and get one load done and put away. It's the put away step that usually trips me up. It's also my goal to get all currently clean laundry put away. If I can get that much done tonight, I will be successful. I will have that plate glued back together and on its stick.

It's Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday for you no-French-knowing peeps. Husband and I like to do a fast during Lent. This year, we are giving up eating out. There will be no restaurant eating for us until Easter. Even though, technically speaking, Sunday is not a part of Lent, we treat it as though it were. Tonight, sushi! Tomorrow, whatever we have in the kitchen.

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