Monday, October 20

Spinning right along

Again, I'm in disbelief at the amount of time that has passed since I last posted. So much has happened.

I'm scheduled for my hysterosalpingogram (HSG for you normal people) for Thursday morning. It seems, after much blog reading, that half the women say it was the most painful thing they've ever had to do; the other half say they didn't even feel it. Joy! I wonder which half I'm in. I guess I'll find out on Thursday.

Husband's visit to the urologist revealed a slightly swollen vein in one of his testicles. He now has to have a colo ultrasound to make sure his sperm ducts are open and not clogged. He may have to have surgery on his testicles.

Aren't we just a load of fertility fun!

In other news, I've been a cooking fanatic. I was off for (most of) last Monday for Columbus day. Who knew that was a holiday? I didn't. But anyway, I took advantage of this time to make butternut and acorn squash puree from the squash I bought at the farmer's market. I also made the frittata I posted about earlier (delicious!), a roasted chicken, beef soup (from beef bone broth I made from meaty soup bones from the farmer's market), mashed potatoes and individual sweet potatoe puddings. It was all tasty. We are about to polish off the frittata and the soup. Tonight we'll have the roasted chicken with potatoes, green beans and gravy. I have the chicken frame (or carcass) in the freezer. It will be combined with some more chicken bones and used to make a broth, which I will then use to make the super-yummy butternut squash soup with gruyere cheese croutons.

Up next will be a pork roast. I went to the farmer's market again this Saturday and bought a bone-in pork shoulder roast, german sausages, ground pork (for meat loaf) and lard. I also bought two half-gallons of milk. I currently have one quart of the milk sitting on my counter in a jar. I'm waiting for it to separate so that I can make some cheese and whey. I might have to ping Cheeseslave on this because I'm not sure my milk is going bad in the right way. We shall see. But! when I get my whey, I'm going to make some homemade sauerkraut to go with those german sausages.

In other other news, I've decided to run a half-marathon in April. I've come up with a training schedule that will gradually increase the distance I run over time. I've combined the 30/30, 5k and half marathon training schedules from this site. So far, I've completed two days. I'm concentrating on just getting my jog in every day this week.

That's about it for me for the last ten days.

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  1. Where's my blog. Whats up with your tests? When are you coming over for dinner? How much coffee is too much in a 24-hour period?