Friday, October 10

Breakfast taco Friday!

The company I work for buys us breakfast tacos on random Fridays. I suppose the fully stocked fridge with cokes, organic teas, juices, cheese and fruit just isn't enough. I got treated to a whole wheat, black bean, avocado and cheese taco for breakfast. Two words: Yum. Me. And the black beans and avocado are on my list of foods I should be eating more of.

Acupuncture was wonderful yesterday, as it always is. She did a few new points on me for my immune system. They must have worked because this is the first morning I've not sneezed twenty times and had a sinus headache.

Last night, Husband and I went to our friends' house for dinner. Husband played with the baby for almost an hour. It was so awesome seeing him interact with the baby. Made me a little wistful for when it will be our time.

I've thinned the beets. They still only have primary leaves, but are getting taller. I think they look a little leggy, like they aren't getting enough sun. I might move them this weekend.

Yeah for the weekend! And it's a three-day weekend! Thank you, Columbus.

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