Wednesday, October 8

Ear wax can ruin a birthday

My birthday weekend went mostly great, with the exception of Sunday, the day when I had my whole family and some friends over to the house. Saturday night my left ear become stopped up. And I mean completely. I could not un-stop it. This lead to vertigo, nausea and an unhappy birthday girl. It was hard to talk to people because I couldn't hear and I wasn't sure how loudly I was speaking. I really wanted to sit and talk to my Mom, but couldn't. I wanted to tell Mom and Dad what I planned on planting this Spring and where, but I couldn't. All I could do was take some decongestants and hope that would help. It didn't.

I finally went to see my regular doctor on Tuesday to get some help. Turns out it was all ear wax. And a *lot* of it. The nurse used this tube-nozzle-spray bottle device to clean out my ear with warm water and hydrogen peroxide. It felt awesome. Then I could hear again!

Other than that, my birthday was awesome. Even though I couldn't really talk much, I loved having my family over. My brother-in-law bought me a beautiful bougainvillea.

Now I'm 31. Well on my way to 32.

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