Monday, August 23

Weekend in review

(I know! It's not a post about trying to get pregnant!)

We went to Houston this weekend to visit a very dear friend of ours. He is a witty guy who likes to tease by stretching the truth (i.e. lying, but he's a lawyer, so that line's a little fuzzy). He had me convinced for years that he is younger than me. He's not. He's just that kind of guy. So, naturally, I love him.

Despite the fact that our car got towed and my binoculars broke, we had a really good time. Lots of good conversation, food, drinks, etc. We also got some good bird pictures.

We ended up driving down to Galveston and visiting the beach. That's where we got the bird pics and I ate soft shelled crabs. I'm still not so sure about them. They weren't the worst things I've ever eaten, but they weren't the best either.

We were on the beach in blazing Texas sun for a good hour and a half to two hours. I wore no sunscreen. I'm very very pale. I did not sunburn. I was shocked and surprised that I didn't, but I didn't. That's the power of the vitamin D.

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