Wednesday, August 11

TTC: Day of reckoning

with the pee stick(s). Yes, it should be plural. I have no self-control when it comes to peeing on things.

It was negative. All of them were. All five.

I'll probably start my new cycle this weekend and I'll go in for a sonogram to take a look-see at my ovaries Monday.

I don't believe I'm too upset about this. However, getting a negative on a pee test and getting your period are two different types of "you're not pregnant". When my emotions get hormonally whacked, I might be more upset.

I am looking forward optimistically to the next cycle. I can tell that I've gotten healthier. the quality of my menses have much improved, which will improve my chances of implantation if we ever fertilize an egg. I think we will have a much better chance of conceiving a healthy child once Husband is on the shots he's supposed to be on (HCG). I'm also happy to have a chance to put more $$$ into the emergency fund.

I am a little sad that I won't have a reason to pee on something for awhile. I do like peeing on sticks.

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