Wednesday, August 4

TTC: Confessions

I'm obsessing. Here are the things I've indulged myself in.
  1. Calculated the chances of being pregnant at the end of each successive IUI
    This was also done because I just couldn't figure it out. Unsolved problems drive me nuts. In case you are curious, the chance of getting pregnant with each individual IUI is still 1/6, just like the chance of rolling a 1 on a six-side die is 1/6. But if you roll three times, your chance of rolling a 1 is much better than if you just roll once.

  2. Repeated internet searches on "implantation dip 5 dpo"
    Monday my temps dipped down to my coverline. Often times that is an indication of implantation. I reviewed my past charts and this has not occurred before. If you want to view my charts,, have at it. Obsess with me.

  3. (This one's the worst) I did a craigslist search for maternity clothes
    I hang my head in shame. Shame.
I don't like to identify a problem without offering a solution. So, what am I going to do to keep myself from obsessing during the next week?

I believe I will focus on our finances and exercising. Husband and I have read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" and are applying it to our lives. Slowly. We are working on building our emergency fund. To that end, we are cutting back expenses. I haven't bought new clothes in a few months.

We are also trying to cut back on what we spend on groceries. I budget $300 per month for groceries. We spend $600. I think this is outrageous. Therefore we are tracking how much we are spending per meal.

I'm also exploring options for buying meat in bulk. My parents have grown too many vegetables than they can store in their freezer, so they are buying a new one and giving us their old one. A friend of mine raises grassfed beef and is getting ready to slaughter. I'll see how much we can get a quarter of a cow for.

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  1. You can also rent space in a meat locker for the beef if you run out of room at home. Also, make sure it's something that you'll rotate and USE. I've stopped buying raw meat because I never cook any more. This past weekend, I threw out probably 4 or 5 packages of frozen raw meat that had "use by" dates during 2009, 2008 and (OMG) 2007! From now on, I will only buy raw meat if I plan on cooking it in the next 72 hours.