Thursday, August 19

TTC: Another prescription

I had an appointment Tuesday to take a look at my ovaries and to chat with my physician.

My ovaries are just fine. She believes that I am ovulating but that I may still need some help with that. I will go in next Tuesday to have a pelvic ultrasound (or sonogram?) and will probably do more IUIs on Thursday and Friday.

Lady physician says that even though I ovulate without Clomid, that after 3-6 failed IUIs, she usually prescribes Clomid. I told her I won't take it. That it makes me crazy. She said, no matter! we will just skip Clomid and go straight to the shots. A friend of mine had to use the shots and she said they are way better than Clomid, so I'm not distressed by this. I am encouraged that we have further options if our current option doesn't pan out.

I also had blood work done. Turns out, I'm low on my thyroid stimulating hormone. Which means I have hypothyroidism. I'll start my Synthroid tonight.

This makes my fourth prescription. I'm not thrilled about this. Once again I feel like we are doing a work around rather than fixing the problems. However, I've decided to stick with the prescriptives route until after we have a baby, then I'll start on a more natural approach to fixing me. Who knows, maybe pregnancy will be the thing that does fix me.

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