Friday, September 3

Getting caught up

Last weekend Husband and I were in a wedding in Dallas. We were both very happy to be a part of the union of these two people who are perfect for each other. And I got to get all dressed up and fancy. My dress was long and a little silky. Husband kept putting his hands on my hips and rubbing them while telling me how great I looked in that dress and how much he liked that dress. I had to remind him that people are around and maybe he should keep his hands to himself (tee hee).

We had a great time. I think the bride and groom were even able to enjoy their wedding.

I've had a rough time getting back into my work groove. I'm really excited about this weekend and getting to spend it mostly at home. Being out-of-town for the past four weekends has taken its toll on me. I need my home. My rocking chair. My food. My dogs. And I will have 3 glorious days of this!

Yesterday I started a T-Tapp bootcamp. I basically have to do a 50 minute workout 4 days in a row. I didn't make it through the whole workout yesterday, but I did what I could and it lasted 50 minutes. Today I'll try to do a little bit more.

Have a terrific and safe Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. Those first workouts are really tough! I once had a session (note, just ONE) with a personal trainer at the gym. I had to come home and lay on the couch eating carbs for the next 4 hours just to recover. Completely kicked my butt!