Thursday, September 16

TTC: Update

Well, since this started with TTC and not Pregnancy, you can guess how the IUI went.

I am not pregnant. I am day 5 of my brand new cycle.

I'm doing okay, surprisingly. I'd like to think the reason I'm handling this round of infertility treatment with calm and positiveness has to do with me being more mature; but I really think it's because I'm not on clomid. It could also be that Husband and I have discussed adoption and have a time table for when to begin that process. He is much more involved this time around. I think that helps.

I had my start-of-cycle ultrasound and have no cysts. That means the really big follicle that I had did turn into an egg. Husband will learn to inject himself with rHCG on Monday. Good times.

Here's to next time!

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