Friday, September 3

TTC: Two week wait, again

Thanks to TLo, I've discovered a source of cheap pregnancy tests. They now cost me about $0.73 rather than $4.00. I bought a pack of 50. I'm now peeing on more sticks than ever before.

We did an IUI on Thursday and Friday last week. Husband had some of the best numbers so far and my uterine lining was both quantity and quality. I started testing this past Sunday. That would be 4 dpo. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early. I wanted a baseline.

I tested this morning and it's still negative. I'm not supposed to test until next Thursday.

So, how am I doing during this two week wait? Pretty good! I'm not really all that stressed out about whether or not I'm pregnant (despite my incessant testing). I feel hopeful that, even if I'm not pregnant this time, we still have a good chance of making it happen next time. That hope makes this time period much easier to bear.

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