Thursday, July 3

Yeah for Colombia!

Whilst watching the News Hour last night, I learned that the rebel group in Colombia was "tricked" by Colombian military operatives into freeing 15 hostages. This is great news! However, all I could really think about was how the acronym for this rebel group sounds like a substitute curse word. FARC (pron. fark) stands for Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Don't worry about the word order. It apparently isn't important. So, why don't you FARC-ing rebels stop FARC-ing killing people and let the farmers grow some FARC-ing food! FARC!

Also, my prediction was right. I was awoken by cramps at 3am yesterday morning. I took yesterday off and self-medicated with some aleve, green tea, cupcakes and water. After a long bout of feeling sorry for myself and physically feeling like life had been sucked out of me, I started to look on the bright side. I have a whole other month (or two) to get in shape before I get pregnant. And! And! A whole other month (or two) of my salary to spend and save.

Oh my FARC-ing goodness! You know that "There ain't no bugs on me" song that is on that one commercial? It just came on my Pandora station. Oh hell FARC-ing no. Apparently that is an actual song by Jerry Garcia. Thumbs down, Pandora, thumbs down.

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  1. Actually, that song pre-dates Jerry Garcia, I think. My brother-in-law, a folk singer, includes "There Ain't No Bugs On Me" in his group's playlist once in a while.

    "There might be bugs on some of you mugs but there ain't no bugs on me" La la la.