Monday, July 14

Life Lessons: The art of good enough

I've wiped the failure of last week from my memory. I'm also not going to acknowledge the fact that we missed church again. I'm just going to focus on prayer and move on. So, moving on....

The house is a wreck. And I don't just mean cluttered. I mean dirty. So, I'm employing two mind sets to deal with this. One is the "good enough" mind set, which we will cover today. I often don't want to do a chore because in order to do it as perfectly well as I'd like would take hours and sometimes equipment we don't own. Therefore, I end up doing nothing. For instance, I needed to get some house work done on Sunday. The kitchen floor really needed some attention. Here's how it breaks down:

What I would normally have done:
Remove the two stand-alone cupboards that we have. Take everything out of them and clean them. Turn them on their sides and clean the bottoms. There are a lot of cobwebs down there. Next sweep and mop the center of the kitchen. Then pull out the fridge and oven. Sweep and mop behind them. Notice that the sides of appliances look dirty. Clean the sides of the appliances. Notice that the underneath of the oven has cobwebs. Experience an anxiety attack because I don't know how to clean the bottom of an oven. Yell at husband to move the appliances back. Get on hands and knees to clean the bottom of the cabinets and curse cobwebs. Try to get cabinets clean. Realize I hate these cabinets. They are crap and will not ever be clean. End up on the computer planning a remodel of the whole damn kitchen because cleaning the old stuff is impossible. I would look like a raging beast that just went on a killing frenzy and isn't sure she's done yet. Husband looks scared and is trying not to move lest I see him.

What I did:
Used sweeper attachment on vacuum to vacuum up dog hair, some cobwebs (curse them! we hates them!) and dirt. Mopped only the parts of the floor I could get to without moving more than the trashcan. I did end up taking my cleaning mit and getting all the dangly cobwebs under the cabinets. I couldn't help myself. But! But! No mental breakdown! Success!

Result: Much cleaner kitchen. Happy Husband. Happy Wife.

So, three cheers for good enough.

Also, I did my run this morning. I'm very pleased with myself :)

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