Monday, July 14

Two-post Tuesday, wait, it's STILL Monday

This day will never end.

I'm in professional turmoil right now. I met this guy at this party on Friday night. I was witty and looked cute in my Lucky Brand jeans with t-shirt and jacket. We talked for a little while. Realized we had some common friends (okay, friend) and that we both work in IT. Then I remembered that I had had a phone interview with him once a few years ago and he never called me back. Embarrassed, but not uncomfortable laughter ensues. Then he says I should send my resume over because he is in desperate need of a Windows Systems Admin. Well, that's just right up my alley. What's the pay rate? I ask, then choke on my drink. Wow, that's a lot more than I'm making now and I think I'm perfect for the job. Mo money! Mo money! What can I buy next? How BIG can a savings account get? I did not say this. I said hmmm and nodded thoughtfully.

After the party I stayed awake until the ungodly hour of 1 ante meridian thinking about how to interview, what points I'd want to make, how I would approach this kind of position and why they should not only hire me but hire me at middle of their pay range for this position and then thank their lucky stars that they got me soooo cheaply. Keep in mind that I don't even have an interview at this point.

Sunday morning I really want to send my resume. But I think it's too soon and I'll only look desperate. Best to employ the two-day rule. I sent it first thing this morning. And he emailed back right away! We now have a lunch date followed up with a "meet the team" scheduled for Wednesday. I'm going to brush up on windows, AD, etc. because my troubleshooting skills have been deteriorating since I became a web application developer.

I haven't heard back from him with a time and place. This is causing me some anxiety. But not much. He'll email, right? He did like me (and hopefully my resume) didn't he? This is oddly reminiscent of dating. Except no sex. Yet. Shut up, I'm kidding.

Now I've moved on to stressing about how I would tell my program manager that I'm leaving and that I won't accept a counter-offer because it's just time for me to move on. I don't want to stagnate in one place and develop a skill set that is so specialized to the environment that no one else values me as much as my current employer. My program manager is already having to deal with talent walking out the door and budget cuts and heat from all directions. I hate causing another problem for him. But that's how business goes.

I've also started stressing about leaving my support network of friends here. Yeah, they are coworkers, but over the years they've become important to me. I'll miss them. Some of them are like family and one of them actually is family.

I don't even have a job offer yet! I'm so ridiculous. I've also checked to see what buses I could take from Husband's office to where my office would be (really freaking cool, new skyscraper downtown) so that I know how long it would take me to get there. Yes, I'm pathetic.

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