Friday, July 11


What a crappy week this has been. I've only exercised once. I haven't cooked anything. We've been living off leftover pulled pork and frozen dinners. I did manage to clean part of the living room and to vacuum. And that's it! Which means I spent an inordinate amount of time sitting in my rocking chair and watching crap television.

There was at least one evening where I spent my time in REI and Barnes and Noble. Hubby and I have decided that we are going to start hiking and camping. We are going to Big Bend with his family in two weeks so we are going to do some hiking there. I'm also in the market for some good binoculars. I want to get back into birdwatching. And by "back into" I mean I want to start. Since I don't think looking at birds with your daddy when you were six really counts.

The weekend ahead...

Saturday, I WILL get up and do a long run in the morning. Then I will shower and head off to my touch up of my Brazilian. Which will be followed by a facial. The facial is a little treat to myself. Expensive? yes. Deserved? oh hell yes. I need something to relax me after the adrenaline rush due to the pain of the touch up. Hubby will have started smoking a brisket by this time. At 2pm I will head off to a how-to-tile class. That is our next step in upstairs-bathroom completion (more on this debacle later). Sunday will be dedicated to church-going and Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, I know that just made some people's heads explode (mmhm, Religious Right). I will also need to do a fair amount of cleaning on Saturday. Wish me the best!

One final note, I hate all you coworkers who ate all the cookies in our cookie jar. Now I have to go scavenge and forage for my breakfast.

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