Wednesday, July 9

Ho hum Wednesday

July 4th was fun. Got sunburned. Drank with buddies. Did not have hangover. Cooked a lot of food. People liked my food. All was right in the world.

I also started my Chinese herbs on Saturday. I take 8 pills and a cup of really really yummy tea, three times a day. That's a total of 24 pills and three doses of the super-delicious yummy tea.

I have noticed some changes. For instance, I have more cervical fluid (CF) which my acupuncturist predicted. But mostly, I've been super gassy. If I were a teenage boy, I would be in heaven. I probably didn't help the situation by eating nothing but Brussell sprouts for dinner last night. I've had to make several discrete walks outside.

This week seems like it will never. end. I also have way too much work for this week. I'm feeling burned out. :( Close whine tag.

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