Wednesday, April 13

Now for some of the happy...

My 19 year old nephew, let's call him Nephew (sometimes I will also refer to him as the boy), is living with us! He moved in back in January. Long story short, he made straight F's for his first semester in "college" and his parents were/are mad at him. He wasn't leaving his bedroom, he wasn't getting a job, he just wasn't living life. I decided (and confirmed with friends and family) that he needed a change of scenery. So Husband and I asked him to come live with us. I did run this by my sister (his mom) first, but probably did not have enough discussion with her and his dad. They have some hurt feelings right now; but I'm confident we can get past it as a family.

The first two and a half months were a little rough. Him adjusting to us, us adjusting to him (no more spontaneous sex on the couch). He didn't have a car at first because his parents didn't want to give him his car until after he got a job. I said that's kind of like telling someone that after they chop down a tree, then you'll give them the axe, but whatever, that's how they wanted to punish him.

He eventually did get his car back after a lot of walking and buying a bus pass. And then he got a job! Oh happy day! The boy has positive cash flow! He can start paying us rent!

We also took him to an open house at the Art Institute, which he promptly fell in love with. It's a super freaking expensive education, but it's also an industry-driven education which means the likelihood of employment on graduation is extremely high. I verified that he will be getting a bachelors degree, not just a certification. Husband verified that the institute was certified by some Southern college and university place. So, basically, it's a legitimate education. Credits transfer and what not.

Yesterday we completed his application process. He turned in his portfolio, which he completed in the nick of time. Right now, I'm just thankful that it was completed and turned in on time and am not going to worry too much about the last minuteness of it. We now have 3-4 days before we know if he's accepted.

I really don't think he won't be accepted. He has the skill set to succeed and the financial resources to pay for school. He is applying for the BA in Game Art Design, which is a new program, so they need people in it, and they need people in it who are going to make the school and the program look good.

In other news, I bought a fancy blender and have been making green smoothies in the mornings. Delicious!

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