Friday, November 21

Time in a bottle

Here's the fast fertility update so that we can get on to more interesting things. My hysterosalpingogram came back stellar (ie. normal). My tubes are open, my uterus is the right size. After another ultrasound look at the ovaries, we now know that they have some of my personality traits: lots of good intentions; little, if any, follow through. In other words, they have a lot of follicles, they just aren't developing into mature eggs. Now I'm on provera to bring on a period, then another look at the ovaries to make sure no cysts have developed, then on to clomid. Husband's colon ultrasound came back negative (ie. positive) so he just has to raise his testosterone to a normal level. He is currently only producing half the testosterone he is supposed to. Apparently it's genetic. Husband expressed disbelief at this because his mom and dad had three whole kids! I reminded him that his parents are Roman Catholic (= no birth control) and only had one kid every *five* years. That's not overly fertile.

Next steps are for me to ovulate and possible do a round of IUI! Exciting!

On to other things...

I've decided not to run a half-marathon. Let's have a show of hands, how many of you saw that coming? Wow, y'all know me so well. Put your hands down, you all suck. I have joined a kung fu school. I'm taking Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes. I hope to have my yellow belt by February. I'm trying to get Husband and Little Brother to join me.

Cooking is progressing. I made a double batch of Mrs. Geraldines's beef casserole and froze half. I also made Big Thicket Chicken and Dumplins. The dumplins were made with lard and butter. Soooo Yummy. Only I didn't put enough salt in. I still have not made my butternut squash soup and have just now realized that the squash puree has been in the fridge for a month. It's still good, right? I'll check. I will have to sit in a corner and cry if I have let that go bad.

Up next is something with lamb, by special request from Husband, and possible a roasted duck. I would ask for some recipe ideas from my readership; but my readership is comprised of Princess Kate, TLo who is a psychoticly strict vegetarian, and her husband. (sorry for calling you psycho, TLo! but seriously, you are) My one hope is Princess Kate. Don't fail me now!