Thursday, September 25

Is it Friday yet?

No, it's only Thursday. The only good thing about Thursday is that I have acupuncture. I'm day three of my cycle which means I get to start the herbs again. Yeah! They are sooooo *yummy*! I've not exercised all week. I've not eating breakfast but once. I was sick on Tuesday and stayed home from work. Apparently I do have allergies. I was just never outside enough for them to bother me. That is, until I got a deck built.

Next week is a whole new week. I *will* exercise. I *will* eat breakfast. I can do these things. Starting Saturday. Here are the things I will get done:
  1. Wake up Saturday and eat a breakfast smoothie
  2. Go to the farmer's market
  3. Go to Wheatsville to get what I couldn't get at farmer's market
  4. Go home
  5. Make some bone broths, definitely chicken, maybe beef/bison
  6. Vacuum
  7. Clean kitchen
  8. Have fun with my little niece and nephew (babysitting this weekend for big sis)
  9. Wake up Sunday, eat a breakfast of some sort and go to church
  10. Enjoy having my family over for birthday celebrations (mine and my lil' bruddr's)
  11. Wake up Monday morning and eat a breakfast smoothie
  12. Exercise
Sounds simple enough. Ironically, if I can get myself to eat breakfast and exercise, then my energy level goes through the roof. Which makes it easier for me to continue to eat breakfast and to exercise. Right now I'm going to get back to my diet coke breakfast and see what is going on in the world today.

Monday, September 22

Whole Foods? Hardly...

I'm frustrated with Whole Foods right now. I don't expect them to carry raw milk products, but it would be nice to have whole dairy products available. Have you every tried buying whole milk yogurt there? Good luck! I found two varieties and the pickins were slim. 2% milk is *not* whole.


The deck is a heavenly oasis in my crap-pile of a backyard. I love it about as much as you can love something made of wood and not be crazy. But I'm toeing that line. I moved an old wooden rocking chair that I have onto the deck and I could not have been happier. We had an impromptu party Friday night to celebrate the deck. We also spent copious amounts of money on planters, plants and dirt. I'll get pictures soon, I promise.

We did not make it to church this weekend. Again. I also haven't been praying in the formal sense. It's been more like a stream-of-consciousness casual conversation with God. He and I are going back and forth on some things right now. I have a feeling that some hard lessons are going to be learned in the next few years. But I don't know what they are yet. I do know that God doesn't give us more than we are able to handle. But I've had a very easy life. What does that say about my ability? LOL! *sigh*

Thursday, September 18

It's Thursday

We are having particularly beautiful weather. I know for a fact that when I lived in Nashville that we had weather in the mid 80's much more frequently than we do here in central Texas; but I don't remember appreciating them so much. My theory is that unless you get your brains baked by multiple days in the 100's (here, we do not have a dry heat) then you don't really appreciate the 80 degree weather.

I did my workout yesterday! Woot! I plan on working out during lunch today because I have acupuncture after work.

I'm trying to make sure I eat 4 (four) egg yolks a day. I made it yesterday. I had two in my morning smoothie and two fried eggs on top of my chicken and rice. I had my first fried-in-coconut-oil eggs yesterday. They were tasty. I've also had much more milk than I would usually drink. I'm going to try to get some chicken stock made this weekend. Bone stocks are very important according to traditional methods of eating.

House cleaning is going pretty well. I know, it's like the planets are aligning in a way that only happens once a millenium. How could I possibly be this together? I attribute the house cleaning to the fact that we've had people over and that I've been helping out more which makes Husband less bitter about cleaning.

And have I mentioned that I'm getting a deck? Because I am! I could walk on it yesterday. It was more awesome than I thought it could be. I've set aside money in our budget to buy some planters and a porch swing or rocker (I can't decide which to get). Here's the plan for the planters:
  • Tall narrow planter with either a blackberry or dewberry plant (dewberries are what we call the wild blackberries that grow around here)
  • Tall wide planter with sweet potatoes. I loves me some sweet potatoes. If you don't like them, then you are wrong and fail as a person.
  • Two shorter wide planters, one with spinach and one with red lettuce
  • Strawberry planter for my mint that I got from my mother-in-law. The hope is that the runners will plant themselves in the little things (I don't know what they are called, obviously) that stick out on the sides.
  • Either three small planters or one really big one for the dani basil (from an awesome friend of mine), thyme (bought at Whole Foods) and sage (also Whole Foods)
  • Some pretty shrubs to go along the short side of the deck
I can barely contain my excitement right now. This weekend is going to rock. As long as we don't get back to the hundreds. Which can very well happen here.

Also also, I'm 8 dpo right now but I'm doing pretty good about not obsessing.

Wednesday, September 17

Time keeps passing me by

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. *gasp* What's going to happen to my readership!?

Anyway. I made my morning shake this morning. I made one for Husband, too. The morning shakes are good. I like the one that is coconut and banana better then the one that is yogurt and berries. We are desisting in taking the cod liver pills until I order some of the higher quality ones on-line. The ones I bought at Central Market only have 2,000 IU of Vitamin A per pill and we are trying to get closer to 12,000 IU per day. I don't want to take six of those pills per day. We were taking three of them and that made me burp fishsticks.

We did go on a cooking extravaganza on Sunday. I made my crockpot chicken teriyaki and a huuuuuge mufaletta. Husband made a big pot of chicken and rice with cheese and peas and carrots. Very tasty.

The plan is for me to workout today after work. I have a free pass to the gym in the Frost bank building for this week. That way I can test it out to see if I like it. I have my clothes here. Everyone should send motivating thoughts my way.

Also! We are getting a deck built. Oh! the happy happy joy joy! I'll try to get some pics posted. Last night it was just a partial frame. I'll need to get some large and tall pots to plant in. Exciting!

Monday, September 8

Lucky You!

I've decided to use this forum as a log of what I eat and when I exercise. The thought being that my friends will support me and also make me feel accountable for what I'm eating and when I'm exercising.

I've already screwed up today and didn't eat breakfast, so this log will start tomorrow.

I don't have much else to blog about. I did start playing Spore this weekend. It's pretty awesome. I have my own universe and it's about time.

Wednesday, September 3

The title of this post has been modified

(disclaimer: I'm writing this whole post under duress. I'm being forced to blog whilst visiting with friends who have a baby. I'm using this as an excuse for the sub-par quality of this post.)

I'm starting to lightly tread down a similar path to the one I assume CheeseSlave has traveled. I'm reading "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" by an author to be named later, because I don't remember right now. The gist so far is that unnatural fats, like vegetable oil, vegetable shortening and anything that goes into low-fat or fat free things, are super-bad for you. Natural fats, like butterfat (that's what they call it), cream, bacon fat, chicken fat, etc. are super-duper-good for you. Natural fats also include coconut oil and palm oil, but that's beside the point. The point is that reading about how healthy butterfat, cream, milk, cheese and other dairy products are for you makes me really really want them.

Therefore, my nutritional plate is spinning nicely. I'm starting to buy locally, sustainably grown/raised food. My acupuncturist is happy with these changes. I'm happy with my food. So much so that I took a picture of what I cooked last night. Here it is:

Yummy, no? It's chicken with cream sauce on a bed of boiled and buttered potatoes, buttered steamed carrots and chard cooked with bacon.

Anyway, these people I'm with right now have been having some philosophical conversation about "if I were baby nail clippers, where would I be?" Holy crap! I. don't. know. And imagining that I am baby nail clippers isn't going to help anyone find anything.

Now they are taking *another* picture of their baby. It never freaking ends over here.

I'd better start talking to them before they start singing farm songs to each other, again. I'm not kidding.