Monday, January 18

Posting just to post

We might redo our entire kitchen. Getting quotes soon. So excited!

I feel like I'm drowning in work. It's too crazy right now. Too crazy.

I still like my job, though.

It's beautiful and spring-like here. I love Texas.

I'm still sitting inside in my warm comfy clothes. Meh.

This is the second week of my two-week wait. Boobs are getting tender.

I've already calculated what my due date would be.


Resolutions are going well. Probably because I set the goals pretty low.

Overall, I'm content and happy.

Saturday, January 9

New year's resolutions time

I apologize for the previous post and its non-sensical nature. Ironically, I was pressed for time when I was writing it.

Y'all know my penchant for resolutions! It is now time for me to formally list my resolutions for this year.

But first, a year in review...

Here are the resolutions I made last year. Updates are in green, all project manager style.
  1. Raw milk. Find a source for raw milk and get some. Then pass this source on to my WAPF group members.
    Complete! I now procure and drink plenty of raw milk. Go me!
  2. More eggs. I need to incorporate more eggs, especially more raw egg yolks, into my daily diet. My moto is "Eat eggs to make eggs". Husband said that moto is fine for me, but I'd better not come up with a similar moto for him.
    In progress. I have been eating more eggs; but I need to eat even more.
  3. Ferment something. I really want to make my own sauerkraut. I have the whey, finally. I just need to do it and stop being chicken.
    Complete! I made sauerkraut as is documented here.
  4. Kombucha and fermented drinks. Make my own kombucha and fermented drinks. I'm especially interested in the fermented stewed fruit drink that is in the Eat Fat, Lose Fat book. It's supposed to be like Dr. Pepper.
    In progress. I've made kombucha, but not the kefir sodas.
  5. Eat more shellfish. Actually that could be stated as "eat shellfish", because more implies that we are eating some now. That's not the case.
    No progress. Yeah. This didn't happen. Not even close.
  6. Learn more. This will include studying the adrenal posts on Nourishing Gourmet's site as well as my own research.
    Complete! I did learn more. After all, I am an information junkie and reading involves sitting on my ass. Therefore I do it.
On to this year's resolutions. They encompass more of my life, not just nutrition.
  1. Liver. Find a way to prepare liver that I like, or at least, will eat.
  2. Kefir soda. I'm not going to get too specific on this. Basically, something made with kefir that is fizzy, like a soda. I might use coconut water, or something else.
  3. More ferments. I want to make Kimchi (Korean sauerkraut) and Tsukemono (Japanese sauerkraut) and pickled carrots with ginger. I love the pickled carrots on a samich.
  4. Vitamin D. I need to get my level of calcidiol (storage form of vitamin D) checked and get it within a normal range if it is low.
  5. Exercise. Three times a week. Something. Anything. 10 minutes of movement would count.
  6. Laundry. Keep caught up on laundry and the closet clean. We shall see how this goes...
  7. Bible. Finish reading it. I got out of my groove when I had to put the Bible reading on hold due to cramming for the ITIL v.3 Foundations certification.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 6

Time is on my side

Yes it is.

For some reason, I often feel like I don't have time to do things. I could have a 3 hour window and a 1 hour task and I will think I don't have enough time to do it. I don't know why that is. The fact is, I don't have kids, and I rarely work late. I have all the time in the world.

Why don't I feel like I do?

How much leisure time do I really require? What would happen if I didn't have as much? Probably nothing and I'd appreciate the leisure time much more.

Tuesday, January 5

Camping Review

We went camping for New Year's. It was very very cold. We learned a few things.
  1. We (I) are spatially challenged. There was *no* *way* the air mattress was going to fit into that tent. So very sad. A thermapad is not the same as an air mattress.

  2. The ground. It is hard. So very hard. And cold. And uneven.

  3. I'm full-blown claustrophobic! I always knew I was a little claustrophobic. I'm so claustrophobic that I cannot sleep in a mummy bag. That's the type of sleeping bag that gets narrower below your hips and zips up to your chin. I kept having panicky moments of frantically unzipping my bag. I ended up sleeping with my bag unzipped. Unzipped = cold.

  4. If your sleeping bag is rated to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it means 40 degrees and not a degree below.
    25 degrees is way out.

  5. It's hard to cook breakfast when your fingers are burning from the cold.

  6. I'm a weenie.
Luckily we also learned these things.
  1. We love camping! and Fire! and parents who will bring you blankets!
    They were coming anyway. They're good parents, but I'm not sure they're *that* good.

  2. We love our friends! especially the one who was an Eagle Scout!
    He was pretty much solely responsible for the cooking and fire. Andrew, you are my only hope!
I think the major contributing factor to the success of our camping trip was the fact that not a one of us is a whiner. We all froze our asses off, but we never whined about it. We just threw another log on the fire. Everyone always had a positive, up-beat attitude. Did I mention that I love my friends? I do.

We also got a picture of one of these. Which was the whole point behind the trip. Yeah!

It's a bald eagle. It was very far away. But so awesome!