Thursday, September 3

Change begets change, which begets shopping

New job is going well. I've been overloaded with information. I've learned the bliss and wonder of a pivot table. Those of you who really know me, know I'm not being sarcastic or facetious. Those of you who don't know just had a little peak into my psyche.

New job requires business career type dress. I'm from a technical background. My wardrobe is severely limited in the business career type dressing. Especially since for the last year I've worn jeans to work almost everyday and I've gained weight, which means the dress pants I used to wear fit me, but in an obscene way. The same goes for a lot of my dress tops. They make it look like I'm working for a raise in the wrong way. All this to say, it's time for a wardrobe overhaul. However, I want to be organized about it. I would usually just go to the shops and buy whatever caught my eye or that I thought was a good deal.

Of course, I have a number-bulleted list of a plan:
  1. Clean all the laundry so I know what I really have (daunting!)

  2. Get rid of whatever is in the closet that I don't wear and anything that is too small
    I will probably move the "too small" into the box of "too small" that I have upstairs because I fully intend to be too small once again. Maybe.

  3. Create outfits with what I have left and determine where the holes are.
When shopping, I will:
  1. Stick to my list of what I need

  2. only buy things that fit me NOW

  3. not buy something on sale unless I would've bought it for full price

  4. only buy things that I love on me

  5. accessorize