Friday, June 4

A decision has been made, and a countdown begun

As many of you know, I have extra body hair. It's problem that's been exaggerated by my excessive male hormone. I had been visiting a spa and have hair waxed away. I've decided on a more permanent solution. I'm going to have most of my body hair removed via laser.

Is it expensive? Oh heck yes. But I did a cost analysis on how much I was spending to get the hair waxed. I also analyzed how much clothes I don't wear because I would have to shave my legs to wear them, how often I don't go swimming because I would have to shave my legs and more, how unattractive I feel with Husband, etc. This all added up to justify the expense.

It's probably important to explain why shaving is such a problem for me. First of all, shaving *hurts*. To the point that I'd rather have the hair yanked from my skin with hot wax, because that is less painful. Also, shaving only lasts for a day, if that. After that day, the pain will continue with painful regrowth, razor burn and ingrown hairs. I've tried buffing myself with exfoliating gloves, wash clothes, lofa pads, etc. I've tried aftershaves and lotions. None of it worked. Even with the waxing, I would still get ingrown hairs.

So, onward to the laser. I picked out three salons that had high ratings and reviews online. One salon wouldn't do appointments via email. That was an immediate elimination. The other salon was too far away and I'd already decided that I liked the third salon. I went there for a facial to get a feel for how things go there. I liked it a lot and it was the most affordable to boot.

The way laser hair removal works is it travels down the hair and kills the hair follicle. Since the hair has to be present, you have to go for several (5 - 7) sessions before you get everything because your hair grows in cycles.

I'm getting my face, arm pits, areola (yep) and everything waist down done. In the meantime, I cannot pluck or wax. The hair root has to remain intact. Which means, I have stubble on my face. It's not incredibly noticeable. But I notice it and it drives me nuts. I usually pluck as soon as a hair is long enough to grasp with tweezers.

My first appointment is July 3rd. I cannot wait.