Wednesday, May 12

TTC Update and etc.

I'm the only one here on my team this morning. It's early and dark and quiet and I don't want to work yet. The robots that control our work environment can't detect my presence unless I make movement about a foot behind me. Therefore the lights go off. Then I'll stretch and the lights come back on. However, these robots are determined that it will never be warm in this office.

I think I mentioned previously that we have started seeing a new fertility specialist. She's actually an endocrinologist. I will provide a quick run down on what we've learned and what we're doing.

I have high prolactin and excess androgen male hormones. I'm taking two prescriptions at very low doses. One is bromocriptene. It's for the prolactin. I'm only taking 2.5mg per night. That's half of a very small pill. I'm also taking prednisone for the androgen male hormones. It is a cortico steriod, which, ironically, makes my body produce less male hormone. I'm only taking 5mg per night. That's an entire very small pill.

My chart? It is crazy. It's all over the chart. My temperatures are much higher than they normally are. I think this could be because I'm exercising pretty regularly. It could also be that my body is healthier and is regulating my body temperature better. Who knows? I don't know who knows; but I can tell you who doesn't know: my doctor. The amount of understanding and knowledge that physicians lack really makes their level of hubris and assumed authority puzzling.*

Husband doesn't have enough male hormones. The irony is just slapping me in the face. We are going to have to schedule an appointment to learn how to give him injections of HCG(LH), which is the hormone women produce when they are pregnant. Counter intuitive, I know.

His last "sample" had improved morphology, but quantity and motility were still very low. I was glad to know the quality had improved. I admit that I was a little worried about getting pregnant with one of the defunct sperms and having a child with some sever genetic problems. So, improved quality makes me feel much much better.

*This is a generalization and is not meant to be applied to individual physicians.