Monday, March 28

I'm back! Let the pity party continue...

So, the last post wasn't the most positive one I've ever written. This won't be either.

I'm still not pregnant, despite the fact that we've done an IUI every month since December and our numbers have looked good each time. I'm feeling discouraged as is Husband.

I got the recommendations to IVF physicians from our current physician. They are both men. I don't like working with male physicians when it comes to my female area. By "don't like" I mean the thought of it makes me nauseous. I also don't know how I feel about spending that kind of money on a 10% chance.

Husband still won't discuss adoption.

I turn 34 this year.

There are other, more positive, things for me to blog about. And I will get to those, but I wanted to get the bad news out first.

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