Monday, May 11

TTC: Update, kind of

Um. so. I forgot to do the test yesterday Sunday. (I also forgot to post this yesterday) It might be because after a weekend of taking care of my sister's kids? in which one of them locked and consequently wiped my iPhone? in which the other wanted *constant* attention and made constant noise (this is a six year old)? I kind of got to thinking that maybe *not* pregnant is okay. Nay, even preferable.

Not really, but that's the excuse I'm using. We had a blast playing animal charades, watching movies, making mother's day cards, etc. I love those kiddos.

In other news, I'm changing job positions! Yeah! This seems to be a theme for me wherever I work. I'm now going to ramp up to be the helper (minion, bitch, slave, etc.) for our UNIX admin. Which means I am going to become a mini-UNIX admin. This is brand new territory, people.

1 comment:

  1. mini unix admin? (evil grin begins to form) Let me know if I can help. :)