Thursday, May 7

TTC: Update and plan full of fail


That whole lunaception thing? Where you simulate the moon in your bedroom? I think it's working. As in, this is the third cycle in a row where I've ovulated in a timely manner. I've gone from not ovulating before Day 19-21, to not ovulating until Day 40+(++), to ovulating on Day 13-15. This started the first cycle I started to simulate the moon. Interesting, no?

Now if only we can get one of the sperms to my egg. To that end, Husband and I have scoffed and bitten our thumbs at "the books." We started having sex everyday. Or pretty close to it, anyway. This has gotten Husband's testosterone to normal and it is waaaaaaaay better than clomid. Way better ;)

The books, btw, say that men with low sperm count should not have sex more than every other day and should have a dry spell of about 3 days before the wife's fertile stage. Screw you books! We're doing it whenever we want!

Here's the plan that is full of fail: on Sunday I will be 11 days past ovulation. I'm going to pee on a stick. As I'm sure most of you have put together in your quick little brains, that's Mother's Day. And 11dpo is still a little early for a positive, but not impossible or unheard of. Either I'll be elated and all "What awesome timing!" or I'll be drinking red wine with dark chocolate watching French Kiss to nurse my weeping why-meeeEEEee soul. Wish me luck!


  1. The very best of luck my dear!!! And sex every day has lots of extra perks (as long as it doesn't become a chore). Very good job on the luna thingy! And good backup plan with the wine and whatnot.

  2. Wow! I'm so excited to hear this. I've been thinking of trying it as I suffer from PCOS and while it's vastly improved on a traditional foods diet, I still struggle with anovulation.

  3. HW -
    Thanks for the well wishes!

    Jenny -
    Best of luck! The hardest part is getting the room sufficiently dark. I hope it works as well for you as it has (so far) for me. Please keep me posted...