Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas! I'm back at work

The time with my in-laws was nice and relaxing. I'm not being sarcastic. I really like spending time with them. Unfortunately my brother-in-law has an XBOX 360. My husband is now, at this very minute, purchasing an XBOX 360. Despite all the warning bells that were going off in my head about spending money while we are trying to get pregnant (and spending a small fortune on that process alone), I agreed to the purchase. The one stipulation was that he has to stop playing WoW. He readily agreed. I want to play Viva Pinata! and Worms! I'm weak. Luckily, we got enough in Christmas gifts to pay for almost the whole shebang. Unluckily, we are still ending this month with a deficit. Oh well, I get to start again next year!

Husband and I also had a moment of stupidity on Monday night. We "had relations". The reason that was not smart is that we were doing the IUI the very next day and Husband had to produce his sample the next morning. Ooops. Dr. Physician was not happy with the sample. Now Husband has to do another sperm analysis in three weeks. That is, unless I'm pregnant. I've decided not to test until next Saturday. Which would still be on the soon side. It helps that I don't know exactly when I ovulated. That way I can't think, "well, I'm 9dpo, some women get positives this early", and then end up wasting a stick.

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