Monday, December 22

I hate being right all the time, really I do

So, I have had no LH surge. And I'm concerned about the logical abilities of the nurses at the fertility clinic. I was told to test for a surge everyday and if I don't have a surge on Saturday, to call. Sounds simple, right? I then asked what time of day I should test. She said between noon and 3pm. So, given this information, when do you think I would call the clinic on Saturday? All of you who said between noon and 3pm, you get a gold star. Any of you still scratching your heads probably work as nurses at a fertility clinic somewhere.

The reason this is an issue is because they don't answer the phones after 11am on Saturday. So I called and listened to a very long message at the end of which they tell you to call back. You don't even get to leave a message.

I guess in the long run it doesn't really matter. Dr. Physician would've just looked at my ovaries and then prescribed provera to bring a period so that we can start over with even more clomid. The thought of this makes me want to cry every time. Luckily I'm at work right now and the inhibitions I have about crying in public are kicking in.

This didn't help last night, however, when I tried to talk to Husband about "stuff". As soon as I brought up fostering and adoption, he completely stopped responding. So between my ovaries and my husband, I feel as though I'm being backed into a childless corner.

I stressed the importance of him getting a book on how to communicate with his wife so that she doesn't feel emotionally abandoned and alone. We'll see how this advice is recieved. So far, not well.

I do want to say that on the whole, the nurses at our fertility clinic have been wonderful and most nurses everywhere are saints. I'm just venting in the paragraphs above.

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