Tuesday, December 9

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My ovaries have no cysts! So I'm on the clomid. I checked with Dr. Physician again and we are a go for a round of IUI. Yeah! For those of you who may not know, IUI is the turkey baster method. My eggs, my basket, husband's stuff. This is about as sciency as I want to get with conception. I won't do anything that involves harvesting my eggs and petri dishes. It just doesn't seem right to me; which means it's definitely not right for me.

Confession time. We did not make it to church on Sunday. We tried, but were running very late and decided that we don't like to walk in that late. I'd really like to pull the old Adam-and-Eve trick and and blame this on husband, but that wouldn't be right. (even though not going was his idea) I need to step up my prayer time and try to keep myself on the spiritual track until next week. Also, I did not go to Kung Fu or Tai Chi almost all last week. I went last night and that has gotten me energized about going tonight.

So a few of my plates have started to wobble, but I'm getting them stabilized.

Let's not talk about the Christmas plate. I'm in a happy place right now.

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