Thursday, September 25

Is it Friday yet?

No, it's only Thursday. The only good thing about Thursday is that I have acupuncture. I'm day three of my cycle which means I get to start the herbs again. Yeah! They are sooooo *yummy*! I've not exercised all week. I've not eating breakfast but once. I was sick on Tuesday and stayed home from work. Apparently I do have allergies. I was just never outside enough for them to bother me. That is, until I got a deck built.

Next week is a whole new week. I *will* exercise. I *will* eat breakfast. I can do these things. Starting Saturday. Here are the things I will get done:
  1. Wake up Saturday and eat a breakfast smoothie
  2. Go to the farmer's market
  3. Go to Wheatsville to get what I couldn't get at farmer's market
  4. Go home
  5. Make some bone broths, definitely chicken, maybe beef/bison
  6. Vacuum
  7. Clean kitchen
  8. Have fun with my little niece and nephew (babysitting this weekend for big sis)
  9. Wake up Sunday, eat a breakfast of some sort and go to church
  10. Enjoy having my family over for birthday celebrations (mine and my lil' bruddr's)
  11. Wake up Monday morning and eat a breakfast smoothie
  12. Exercise
Sounds simple enough. Ironically, if I can get myself to eat breakfast and exercise, then my energy level goes through the roof. Which makes it easier for me to continue to eat breakfast and to exercise. Right now I'm going to get back to my diet coke breakfast and see what is going on in the world today.

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