Thursday, September 18

It's Thursday

We are having particularly beautiful weather. I know for a fact that when I lived in Nashville that we had weather in the mid 80's much more frequently than we do here in central Texas; but I don't remember appreciating them so much. My theory is that unless you get your brains baked by multiple days in the 100's (here, we do not have a dry heat) then you don't really appreciate the 80 degree weather.

I did my workout yesterday! Woot! I plan on working out during lunch today because I have acupuncture after work.

I'm trying to make sure I eat 4 (four) egg yolks a day. I made it yesterday. I had two in my morning smoothie and two fried eggs on top of my chicken and rice. I had my first fried-in-coconut-oil eggs yesterday. They were tasty. I've also had much more milk than I would usually drink. I'm going to try to get some chicken stock made this weekend. Bone stocks are very important according to traditional methods of eating.

House cleaning is going pretty well. I know, it's like the planets are aligning in a way that only happens once a millenium. How could I possibly be this together? I attribute the house cleaning to the fact that we've had people over and that I've been helping out more which makes Husband less bitter about cleaning.

And have I mentioned that I'm getting a deck? Because I am! I could walk on it yesterday. It was more awesome than I thought it could be. I've set aside money in our budget to buy some planters and a porch swing or rocker (I can't decide which to get). Here's the plan for the planters:
  • Tall narrow planter with either a blackberry or dewberry plant (dewberries are what we call the wild blackberries that grow around here)
  • Tall wide planter with sweet potatoes. I loves me some sweet potatoes. If you don't like them, then you are wrong and fail as a person.
  • Two shorter wide planters, one with spinach and one with red lettuce
  • Strawberry planter for my mint that I got from my mother-in-law. The hope is that the runners will plant themselves in the little things (I don't know what they are called, obviously) that stick out on the sides.
  • Either three small planters or one really big one for the dani basil (from an awesome friend of mine), thyme (bought at Whole Foods) and sage (also Whole Foods)
  • Some pretty shrubs to go along the short side of the deck
I can barely contain my excitement right now. This weekend is going to rock. As long as we don't get back to the hundreds. Which can very well happen here.

Also also, I'm 8 dpo right now but I'm doing pretty good about not obsessing.

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