Wednesday, September 3

The title of this post has been modified

(disclaimer: I'm writing this whole post under duress. I'm being forced to blog whilst visiting with friends who have a baby. I'm using this as an excuse for the sub-par quality of this post.)

I'm starting to lightly tread down a similar path to the one I assume CheeseSlave has traveled. I'm reading "Eat Fat, Lose Fat" by an author to be named later, because I don't remember right now. The gist so far is that unnatural fats, like vegetable oil, vegetable shortening and anything that goes into low-fat or fat free things, are super-bad for you. Natural fats, like butterfat (that's what they call it), cream, bacon fat, chicken fat, etc. are super-duper-good for you. Natural fats also include coconut oil and palm oil, but that's beside the point. The point is that reading about how healthy butterfat, cream, milk, cheese and other dairy products are for you makes me really really want them.

Therefore, my nutritional plate is spinning nicely. I'm starting to buy locally, sustainably grown/raised food. My acupuncturist is happy with these changes. I'm happy with my food. So much so that I took a picture of what I cooked last night. Here it is:

Yummy, no? It's chicken with cream sauce on a bed of boiled and buttered potatoes, buttered steamed carrots and chard cooked with bacon.

Anyway, these people I'm with right now have been having some philosophical conversation about "if I were baby nail clippers, where would I be?" Holy crap! I. don't. know. And imagining that I am baby nail clippers isn't going to help anyone find anything.

Now they are taking *another* picture of their baby. It never freaking ends over here.

I'd better start talking to them before they start singing farm songs to each other, again. I'm not kidding.


  1. So you like all the benefits of farm animal fats, but none of the songs. No I get it... thats fine.

  2. Just for the record, Plate Spinner has MANY friends with babies, not all of whom sing farm songs or perform baby grooming activities when company is over.

    Also - Atkins is (was) a big fan of animal fats. I was on Atkins for a while, eating bacon, cheese, etc and lost a lot of weight that I have pretty much kept off.