Monday, June 30

Sunburn = Failure

A few plates crashed to the ground this weekend. I got slightly sunburned at the family reunion which caused me to feel like total crap most of Sunday, which caused me to not do my 45-minute run and to not go to church. I fail.

On top of which, I still have not gotten a visit from Aunt Flo. Argh! I expected her on Saturday. I broke down this morning and bought some pregnancy tests on my way to work. Negative. But, I didn't use first morning urine! Eureka, I still have some hope that I could be pregnant. However I know in the back of my mind, that that's not the case. My body just has a sick sick sense of humor. It will wait until I'm 18 days past ovulation, which is supposed to be the golden standard for pregnancy, then I'll start. And it will be one of those periods that makes me want to reach into my body and pull out my uterus Indian-Jones-in-the-Temple-of-Doom style, because that would be less painful. Joy! I'm soooo looking forward to the rest of this week.

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