Sunday, June 22

Happy Sunday!

It's Sunday morning, about 45 minutes before we need to head out for Presbyterian church. So, I think this is an appropriate time to talk about my faith plate.

I am a Christian. Okay, all you Christian-haters, stop rolling your eyes and groaning. I'm not a member of the religious right, I'm just a Christian. I'm considering using this blog to debunk some of the prevalent concepts of Christianity that are inaccurate and downright false. I will admit that there is a certain type of "Christian" out there that I'm not so fond of either. It's kind of like how my friend T.Lo. feels about "vegetarians" who eat fish. "That's not vegetarianism!" she will scream in indignation. When I ask her why it bothers her so much. She will explain to me that people who promote the idea that vegetarians eat fish make life harder for people like her who are actual vegetarians. She'll be sipping on some soup and hear, "Yeah, it's vegetarian. I used fish broth." At which point she realizes why she's been wanting to gag.

The same thing happens in Chrstianity. Someone who is uneducated; who has an immature faith, will promote a view or idea as though it is Christian. When, in fact, it is not. "That's not Christianity!" I yell. For instance, the bible does say that women shouldn't braid their hair. Hmmm. Does that mean that I'm a sinner and going to hell if I braid my hair? No. I am a sinner, but not because I braid my hair. The passage that contains that verse is talking about modesty. What we should take away from it is that Christian women shouldn't dress like whores.

If anyone ever starts reading my blog, I'm sure there will be a lot of controversy (which I hate) surrounding a lot of what I say here. But I guess that is part of discussing ideas whether they be religious or otherwise. I do want to stress, however, that I'm not interested in trying to convince you or anyone else to be a Christian. I just want to make sure Christians and non-Christians alike aren't mistaken about what Christianity is. The first step towards tolerance and diversity is understanding and open-minds.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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